Tuesday, July 1, 2008

+ The Road Ahead

As I prepare to ride off tomorrow, I am filled with excitement and a bit of anxiety. Yep, with as much preparation and thought, I still feel that more can be done. Yet, we can never prepare for it all and life is indeed enriched by the experiences that we did not anticipate. Like an afternoon storm that blows over tents and flags for a brief moment, just before a birthday party at the beach on a 4th of July. Or like an old biology professor of mine used to say. You learn the most form the experiments that do not yield the results you expected. So, on the day before departure, I am taking a moment to share with you how thankful I am to God for bringing me this far. For providing me with the moment, the materials goods, and the flame that keeps driving me to travel this road.

The routes have been laid down. They will take me from Houston to Memphis and back in 12 days. Seems quite a bit of time for an estimated 1,400 miles, but truth be said, besides allowing myself to rest, I also want to experience the life in some of these places I will stop by. True to my ecology roots, I have laid down the projected temperatures as a function of distance traveled, and it seems like things will remain balmy along the way.

Day 1
July 7
Houston to Natchitoches, Louisiana
259 mi – about 5 hours 18 mins
This day will see my first state crossing
I will visit the city and surrounding areas, and will hunt for venison meat pie or fried alligator.

Day Two, July 8
Natchitoches, Louisiana to Lake Village, Arkansas
241 mi – about 5 hours 56 mins

I will spend a day here, July 9th, and use some of the time to explore Arkansas, but also to rest, read, and seek His word.

Day 4, July 10
Lake Village, Arkansas to Memphis, Tennessee
184 Miles

The day will start with the crossing of the Mississippi river at Greenville, MS, and then I will ride north, following the river in to Memphis.

This day, and the following one will be spent with family, and in pursuit of the famous Memphis BBQ, and the music, including Graceland, of course.

Day 6, July 12
Memphis, Tennessee to French Camp, Mississippi
via Corinth and Tupelo
227 mi – about 4 hours 29 mins

This day marks the beginning of the return trip. I will travels East first, to Corinth, where I will then start travelling south on the Natchez Trace, until I reach French Camp, where I will spend the night. This stop was inspired by my friend Joe, who recently completed a bicycle trip from Houston to Tennessee.

Day 7, July 13
French Camp, Mississippi, to Monroe, Louisiana
221 mi – about 4 hours 52 mins

This day I return to Louisiana, and will arrive at the house of Dot, Cindy's mother, and a very faithful friend to SO. SO and I will meet there, along with Cindy and Dot, and spend this day, and the following one in the area. Chilling and hanging with fellow believers.

Day 10, July 15
Monroe, Lousiana, to Nacogdoches, TX
191 mi – about 4 hours 22 mins.

I will use this day, and the following one to visit what is called, the oldest town in Texas.

Day 12, July 17
Nacogdoches, TX to Houston, TX
via Center
253 mi – about 4 hours 44 mins.

This is the final stretch. Home bound.

During this time, dear friends, I covet you prayers for safe journey and divine appointments. Blessings to all.


Anonymous said...

Duro con ellos Chato.
Aventura ante todo.
Un fuerte abrazo.
AS but not whole

Pater said...

Animo Sobrino, que brutal viaje! Se que Armando te está esperando en Memphis, así que buen viaje y que tu estadía allí sea a toda madre y que vos y Armando puedan tener un rato de chill-out sin lluvia, en el jardí de la casa de Armando y Amy.
Te estaré siguiendo todos los días. Animo!!