Sunday, June 29, 2008

+ Getting ready for the road

With the focus set on the journey and the road to travel, and recognizing that being able to hit the road would be best served by Hidalgo, I had to set a new goal for myself in terms of a place and a time to do it. While my original intention as I recovered from back surgery was to ride to the Bonneville Salt Flats this summer, I have come to accept that it is to soon to try to reach that far. It was hard to give up on this goal. I also realized, in one of those moments of brilliance [i.e. what took ya so long?], that giving up on that one, did not mean I could not do something else. So I turned my eyes East and focused on the Mississippi. After some consideration, I decided to follow the river from Louisiana to Memphis, where I will hang with one of my cousins before turning back via the Natchez Trace.

The estimated length of this trip is a minimum of 1,400 miles, and while Hidalgo is indeed a fine motorcycle it was not designed as a touring machine, so some work had to be done to make it more touring capable. Work has been ongoing, and now Hidalgo has been fitted with a new wind screen, saddle bag holders, and a GPS mounting ball. Along the way I re-routed electrical wiring to power the GPS.

Systems are now installed and a road test remains to be taken to check on the operational capabilities of my transformed ride. Basic routes have been laid, even though they will like change, even during the ride, and weather projections have been consulted. At this point just time remains until departure, and my prayers center around safe travel, and Divine appointments, asking to have people placed on my way, with whom I can share God's word