Saturday, February 23, 2008

Riding Again!

Finally today! I indeed got to ride again today. After the disappointment of almost two weeks ago, today was they the day. A new battery, and waiting for almost two weeks was a small wait after all. The day started foggy, cold and cloudy. However, by 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the sun was up and bright, and with the new battery in the holder, I had strapped my new helmet on, and was riding down the road. The ride was not exhilarating, but rather one that brought a sense of inner peace and thankfulness to God for being next to me and taking me this far.
But between the start of the day and the ride during the late afternoon, God had called me to do something else. It seems delays were in His mind for a purpose, and before engaging into my own goals, I was to attend the funeral services for a young biker who got killed in a traffic accident earlier in the week. During the services held for this young man, the youth pastor related the story of having, just a few weeks earlier, asked a funeral home to lend him a casket. He had taken the casket to the church and asked the youth to think what it would be like to see themselves, or their best friend, in that casket, knowing that they had not heeded Gods call to serve Him. Comfort was found in the fact that the young man in that casket today, had indeed committed his life to our Creator.

For me the search continues. As I look forward to more riding. As I look forward to achieving my goal of riding to Bonneville this summer. As I look forward to life, I continue to ask myself how am I really serving God? How do I make my passion for motorcycling translate into actions that glorify God and indeed bring His Love to those that have yet to know Him?

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Anonymous said...

You are awesome,for your insights into the metaphors of your riding and life experiences. God has made you to be creative and reflective in ways that others can be edified and inspired. Add to this some wonderful digital design for theatre, poetry and prose, as well as photography...impressive!SOS