Saturday, October 27, 2007

Small steps

I am starting to edit this entry on October 27, 2007. I am putting the date at the beginning of the entry because it will get time stamped when I finally post it, but this one should take some time to complete. You see, I do want to take my time here, and not just post something half b-baked.

After riding the Futura down from Denver to Houston, the Lord has been steering my life in some expected and some unexpected ways. A couple of weeks after the Denver-Houston ride, I put in another 500 miler as I visited my buddy Don P in Wimberley by really going the long way around. From then, I was off from riding getting ready for, and finally driving my daughter, my friend, the most important job that God has entrusted me to California. The round trip was a bit over 4,000 miles. With all the riding and driving I was able to do this summer, I logged over 7,000 miles constantly amazed by His creation.

In September ny life took an unexpected turn. My back started complaining and then one morning, as I got out of bed, pain shot down my whole leg so badly, I could barely breath. During the time it has taken to be treated and recovery, I have not ridden much, or at all. Still I managed to take a couple of demo rides at the Houston International Motorcycle Show. I must say that the crown jewel of the experience was the Kawaski ZX-14.

White Ninja

After that all the time has been spent in recovery, resting, watching a lot of motorcycle movies, and reading. I have found Ted Simmons' Jupiter Travels especially inspirational.