Sunday, June 17, 2007

Counting the days

This week brings me closer to boarding the plane that will take me to Colorado. As I count the days I reflect on how this trip, how this adventure, how this dream, is just another facet of how we should face charted routes and the uncharted days of our lives. In Philippians 4, God continues to reassure us of His Loving care when, through Paul's letter, He tells us: "The Lord is near. 6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

As I approach this trip, I am thankful to Him for the support of family and friends, not just in this endeavor. He has listened to my prayers, even at times when I could not tell what was coming around the corner, and the current stretch of highway seemed like a never ending deluge, even though it was actually like a South Texas early afternoon shower. Knowing He is always near; knowing that He is my Savior, knowing that He will answer my prayers, should always give me the trust that I need to approach Him in prayer, especially when I need His loving hand to guard my heart and my mind. However, I often fail to do so.

Today I charted the first day, Denver to Amarillo. This time, using Google Earth, I identified an interesting stop outside of Colorado Springs. About five miles west of Colorado Springs is the Garden of the Gods. It looks like a good number of rock formations and a good place to stop, have breakfast on the side of the road, and take a moment to read the Scripture. This should be a fairly short ride before the stop, since Colorado Springs is only 70 miles south of Denver.

From here is will be another shot down to Raton, NM, just 148 miles, where I can take another brief detour through the curvy roads of Climax Canyon. I swear, I wish some of these names were more Godly. This should put me here around noon time. And from here it will be another 4 hours or so to Amarillo, TX, where I will spend my first night.

Most of the supplies are in. There are only a few odds and ends to be completed. Thanks to Sandra, who added a great number of goodies I am almost ready to roll. Still need to print a couple of maps, even though this time, I am traveling with a GPS unit. Still, I need to figure out the wiring, and be mindful since one of the big principles of motorcycle riding is "No Big Changes Before A Big Ride".

In the coming week I need to pack it all, and finalize the second and third day of the trip. At the end of the week I depart for Boulder. It still will be one more week before I pick the Futura up, and another week before lift off. In the meantime. Please pray for me, but more importantly, that the success of this journey, not just the trip, be all a reflection of His Glory, His Mercy, His Love.

Mas Later.

El C

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DT2.0 said...


Just wanted to throw out a couple of thoughts. First, in my reading thru Judges, I am reminded that God often acts on our behalf even before we ask or even if we don't ask at all. He answers our "groanings." That is so good since half of the time I don't know what to pray. As you said, it is so good to know He is near even when we don't know what comes next or what to pray for.

Secondly, DEFINITELY go to Garden of the Gods. I was just there a week and a half ago on my epic Colorado trip with Better Days. Gorgeous. Can't think of a better place to feed your stomach and your soul at the same time!

Lastly, can't wait to meet you for the last part of your trip. Looks like an oil change is in order for me this week. Ride on!